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Our SALE OR RETURN  policy allows you to examine and test the device on your premises – without fuss, pressure or obligation.


  • We dispatch the product to you (NO delivery charge).
  • Test the product  at your leisure and in-situ.
  • 21 day free trial (it can be extended upon request)
  • If you like it – keep it – pay for it. If you don’t like it  return the item.


You can obtain your FREE TRIAL by filling the free trial order form or email us at   with your details and we will send you a unit for your 21 days trial.


PLEASE NOTE: After we receive your free trial request we may ask you to do a simple test that determines whether your dongle is compatible with SmarterX. Once we have confirm that SmarterX works with your dongle we will ship your trial unit within 2 working days. We will email you to confirm your order and the date the unit will be shipped to you.



Is this DEVICE legal to use?
It is legal to use SmarterX to share a dongle between multiple machines providing that the number of concurrent users do not exceed the number of licenses you hold. For instance, if you have one dongle you should setup the device to operate in the single user mode, which is to allow one user access at a time. If you have more that one dongle you can setup the device to allow concurrent access to your dongle. Providing that the number of simultaneous users do not exceed the number of license (dongles) you hold, you are using the device within the terms of your license.


With a dongle based single user license, you can install your application on an unlimited number of computers, however the dongle must be present on each machine to run your application. Depending on the make and model of your dongle and your application software, SmarterX can allow concurrent* running of your applications software on multiple machines using a single dongle. So, we strongly recommend that the user be aware of this and make sure that the device is used within the terms of the license agreement that comes with the application software.


PLEASE NOTE: the purchase or possession of SmarterX is not improper since it can be used legally and within the terms of your license agreement. This is contrary to possessing and using a “cracked” software (dongle free) which can never be justified to be legal. SmarterX does not interfere or tamper in any way with the running of the application software. It is fully transparent to your application software and it is invisible to the operating system.  SmarterX is NOT a dongle emulator or dongle replacement. It can only be used in conjunction with your dongle and your licensed software that you have legally purchased. SmarterX does NOT bypass the dongle and does NOT replace it. Your application software is still locked to your dongle and it would not run without it.


Smart Logic can offers SmarterX as a package to software developers who may want to check whether their dongle protection feature already prevents SmarterX to allow concurrent use of their node-locked software. If it does not, attempt to make software changes to their application program to ensure that the users can not break the terms of their license. Please Contact us for further information on the package offered to software developers, pricing and ordering.



Sale or Return Policy ( Sale on approval)
All sale or return agreements will be confirmed in writing/email prior to delivery of the goods, the maximum length of a Sale or Return period shall be no longer than 21 Days from the date of receiving the goods. You should let us know if you intend to evaluate the product for a longer period.


Confidentiality and Data Protection
We will take all precautions necessary to keep the details of your order secure. We will not pass on information about your business to other companies.


Carriage and Delivery
All free trial orders will be dispatched free of charge by Royal Mail Track & Sign service within 2 working days and should arrive within 2-3 days for Europe and up to 5 days for international orders. The Royal Mail Track & Sign service can be tracked online. If your free trail order does not arrive when expected please give us a call or you can contact us through e-mail on