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  • Is this device legal to use?
  • Does SmarterX works with Apple Mac?
  • Can I part exchange my current device for a larger device?
  • Can I share more than one dongle between multiple machines?


Our customers testimonials
(1) Our current situation is we have 5 USB dongles with the same license and right now users sign them out and are responsible for them. I wanted to remove the chance they could be lost/stolen/damaged. We originally went to the distributor to move to a network license but they want a large sum to do it and on top of that they won’t do it unless we upgrade all the licenses to the latest version. We just can’t afford that. Turns out your product is more than what I expected. Because I can keep 4 of the dongles protected and only use one and stay within our limits.

Thanks once again,



(2) We have a single CAD system and I am the main user of the program. I have used your device successfully to share my dongle with another light user. This has stopped him unplugging my dongle every time he wanted to use the program. This smart device has helped both of us.


(3) Thanks to SmarterX it has saved us lots of fumbling around under the desk. I am extremely pleased with it.


(4) I run a small business in Birmingham and have 2 seats CAD/CAM programs installed on two computers at work. I often work at home after leaving and take one of our dongles home with me every day and then remember bring it back to work the next day. Not anymore, thanks to your device. I have now kept one of our dongle at home and have used your device to share the other dongle at work.


(5) We purchased our program several years ago. We needed an additional seat due to our increased workload. The company that we purchased the CAD system from no longer supply dongles to clients. Fortunately help was at hand and we have successfully used your device to gain an additional user to help us to overcome our workload.


(6) A few years ago we purchased a program with two seats. We lost one of our dongles two weeks ago. This had a massive impact on our work. We desperately needed a solution. I am glad to say that we have successfully used your device to overcome this loss by sharing the other dongle. We have asked our software vendor for a replacement. The initial indications are that we most likely have to pay a full price for it.


Is this device legal to use?

SmarterX is a legitimate product that gives you the choice of running your licensed program on more than one machine, either one machine at a time (non-concurrent) or several machines at the same time (concurrent).


What is significant about SmarterX is that it can be used legally and within the terms of end user license agreement (EULA). SmarterX has a front panel multi-position dial switch which you can use to setup the device to limit the number of concurrent users. For example, a 5-port device can be set to limit the number of simultaneous users to say 3 users if you own 3 dongles. If you have a single dongle you can still use the device legally providing you setup the device to operate in the single user mode. This allows to run your software on multiple computers non-concurrently and thus stay within the terms of your single user license agreement (non-concurrent means running your program on one machines at a time).


SmarterX is NOT intended as a means to defeat the main purpose of a hardware key (dongle), which is to provide protection against the menace of software piracy (illegal distribution and reproduction of software). The device is neither a dongle emulator nor a replacement for your dongle. It does not interfere with your software or your license file. It is only useful if it is used with your dongle and your legally purchased application software.


Please note: the purchase and use of SmarterX is legitimate and legal since it can be used legally and within the terms of your license agreement. This is contrary to possessing and using a “cracked” software (dongle eliminated) which can never be justified to be legal. SmarterX does NOT bypass the dongle and does NOT replace it. Your application software is still locked to your dongle and it would not run without it.

Does SmarterX works with Apple Mac?

SmarterX works with both standard PCs running Windows or Unix and Apple Mac computers.

Can I part exchange my current device for a larger device.

Yes, you can part exchange your current device with a larger one if you have purchased it with in the past year. If your device is older than a year and is not a discontinued product, we may be able to offer you a deal.

Can I share more than one dongle between multiple machines?

No, SmarterX can only share one dongle or a single USB device between multiple users. It is not possible to attached a USB Hub to SmarterX in order to increase the number of USB ports. It would not work. If you want to share 2 dongles between several computers for example you need purchase two SmartetX units.